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20-Minute Low Impact: Core & Butt Mat Workout

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Hi Everyone!

I have a brand new workout for you today! Today’s workout is low impact, but highly effective. This workout utilizes multiple variations of plank, and is interspersed with glute bridges. The glute-bridge exercise will help provide back, butt, and hamstring strength/balance to stabilize your core and hips.

You can also focus on completing maximum repetitions to increase your calorie burn. Do not sacrifice form for speed. Try to maintain proper form throughout each exercise. The entire routine can be repeated between 1-3X.

If you are looking for a higher burn and a sweatier workout, you can complete jump rope, burpees, or high knees instead of the glute-bridge. I paired one round of this workout with a 30-minute interval run. I like pairing core workouts with higher intensity running days. Having a strong core & back helps prevent many running injuries, and improves your bodies biomechanics. Also, pairing a harder run with a low impact workout allowed my body time to get in a great workout without over-training.

For my run, my running speed ranged from 8.5 minute/mile pace to 7.3 minute/mile pace, with an incline from 1.0-2.5. The speed and incline varied every 1-2 minutes. I will write more about the running workout I did tonight (which I always find challenging!) You can also check out this: Treadmill Workout Breakdown. It is an interval workout, which is great for speed and fat burning.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout!



Repeat 1-3X


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