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Lean Muscle Building Workout Challenge

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This is a 4-Week Workout Challenge focused on building lean muscle. Lean muscle mass helps improve your metabolism, give your body shape, and improve your strength. 
Each Week incorporates 1-2 Days of rest. Rest days are when your muscles build strength. You can choose to add up to 30 minutes of cardio to any of these workouts. Be sure to take at least 1 full rest day per week. 
Listen to your body throughout the month and be sure to stretch. As always, consult your doctor before starting a new fitness routine and/or if you have any health/injury concerns. 
Aim to consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of desired weight. IE Goal Weight=135 lbs. Aim to consume 135 grams of protein per day. 
You must consume enough calories to build muscle. Remember, calories are units of energy. You have to consume enough calories to build muscle and power your workouts. 
Have fun!
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Week 1:
Slim & Sculpted Arms Workout
10 Minute Tighter Waist Core Workout
30 Minute Home Dumbbell Workout
Lower Body Sculpt & Shape

Week 2:
HIIT Full Body Workout: 20 Minutes Per Round

Arms & Back: Quick Home Workout
Stretches to Improve Flexibility for Splits
21 Minute HIIT: Full Body Workout
HIIT It, Sweat It, Tone It: Workout + Hill Sprints

Week 3:Boot Camp HIIT: 20 Minutes Per Round
Full Body Fitness Makeover
Extreme Sweat: Full Body Home Workout
Tight Stomach Toning Workout
Lower Body Blast: Burn, Shape & Sculpt Workout
Body Weight: Full Length Workout

Week 4:
20 Minute: Core Cardio Fat Burn HIIT
Dynamic Body Workout: 15 Minute HIIT Per Round
Lower Body, Low Impact Workout: Quiet, No Jumping!
Terrific Tummy Toner: 20 Minute Fat Burn HIIT
Working for a Sexy Body Fat Burn
20 Minutes Per Round: Full Body Workout

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