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Diet Bet Challenge: Day 26: Sun Salutation Fitness Fusion: Power Yoga

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Hi Everyone!

How are you feeling? It is Day 26 of the Diet Bet Workout Challenge! How close are you to achieving your goal? 

Studies have shown that stretching during your workout improves your bodies ability to build muscle. Flexibility also helps prevent injury. 

This yoga flow combines Sun Salutations with traditional fitness movements (lunges, rows, romanian deadlifts). I used two twenty pound dumbbells, but you can select any weight you would like, or complete the exercises with body weight only. 

For traditional sun salutations check out this link: 

You can use this variation if you need an easier recovery day. I can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to your body during workouts. You want to challenge yourself to an appropriate level. 

Enjoy the workout!

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Repeat 1-4X

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