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Sneak Peek Workout Tutorials! Quick Exercises you can Add to Any Workout Routine

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Hi Everyone!

I have been sharing Sneak Peek Workout Tutorials on my Instagram account for a while now. It’s about time that I put them together on my blog. 

These are some great exercise moves that you can add to any workout routine, or do alone as an exercise challenge.  

I separated the different exercises into: Core/Abs, Lower Body, and Full Body/Compound Movements.  Have fun, and focus on good form!



Side Plank Double Kick
Side Plank Elbow Tap Hip Lift

V-Up Hop  Spiderman with Stability Ball 

Twisting V-Up

 Oblique Plank 

Hip Lift Hook

 Crunch and Tap with Dumbbell

Legs/Lower Body:

Stability Ball Pull (Leg/Hamstring Curl)

Plank Lunge ReachWarrior III Crunch

Plie Jump with Lateral Lift

Squat to Lunge 

  Elevated Hip Thrust 

 Warrior III Kick 
Prone Heel Tap

 Goddess Twist

 Pendulum Squats 

Romanian Deadlifts

 Curtsy Lunge 

Full Body/Compound Movements:

Man Maker Burpee 

 Burpee Tuck Jump 

Warrior III Curl 
Table Top Knee Touch 

 Down Dog Hop

Pull-up with Hanging Leg Raise 

Plank Crunch Squat 
Bear Complex 
Plank Down Dog to Knee Drop Plank Chatarunga Hold Plank Pop Up 

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