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30 Day Challenge: Day 2: Cardio HIIT 15 Minute Body Weight Fat Burn

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Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge! Today’s workout is an intense 15 Minute Cardio HIIT Fat Burn. This is a great workout for sculpting the thighs, legs and glutes, while burning fat all over. If you are up for a more intense challenge you can repeat this workout up to 3X. 

For today’s workout I also filmed a tutorial video (which you can find below). In the tutorial I demonstrate proper form for each exercise, as well as modifications. Always focus on form. If you aren’t ready for the harder variations (yet!) work your way up to them. You will get more out of the workout by performing each exercise correctly. 

Today I got to use my new Gymboss Interval Timer. I loved it! It was convenient, simple, and I didn’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on my phone. Plus I like the color. 🙂 

Don’t forget to Check In after you complete the workout. The daily check-ins are a great way to stay motivated and accountable for your workout. You can check in on FacebookInstagram or Twitter

Have fun and don’t be afraid to work up a sweat!

PS If you are following along on Facebook I posted a link to my Burpee Burn Workout for anyone who couldn’t wait for this workout to be uploaded. 


Full Length Workout:
10/50 Second Intervals

1. Frogger
2. Lunge Jump
3. Mountain Climber
4. Squat Jump
5. High Knee Kicks
6. Plie Jump
7. Burpee
8. Jump Kick (right)
9. Jump Kick (left)
10. Frogger Pushup
11. X-Jump (Cheer Jump)
12. Surfer
13. Pendulum Hop
14. Warrior 3 Kick (right)
15. Warrior 3 Kick (left)

Plie Jump: Knees Stay Open, Back/Chest Stay Lifted.
Land Toe to Heel. 

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