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Bikini Prep/Body Sculpt Challenge: Workout 7: Lean and Sculpted Arms

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Hi Everyone!

After Workout #4: The Tight and Toned Lower Body Workout, I got a lot of requests for a weighted workout focused on toning your arms. So get your dumbbells ready for today’s workout!

If you don’t have dumbbells you can use soup cans, or milk jugs. One gallon of water weighs approximately 8.34 pounds, and the uneven distribution of weight can actually increase the challenge. If you have access to sand, one gallon of sand weighs around 12.5 pounds. Although it is useful to have dumbbells it is also possible to find alternative ways to challenge yourself in your home workout without spending a lot of money. 

When it comes to selecting an appropriate weight you want to choose a weight that you can do between 8-15 reps. If you are primarily looking to build muscle stay in the low range (8-10 rep maximum). If you want to improve both strength and endurance aim for 12-15 reps. If you can easily surpass 15 reps and you are trying to build lean muscle it is time to increase the amount of weight you are using. At my job I utilize the Oddvar Holten Diagram as a scientific tool to prescribe an appropriate amount of weight during exercise, and determine an individuals 1 rep maximum. The number of reps that I am recommending for these exercises is based upon his formula. 

I hope you enjoy today’s workout. If you are looking for more weighted arm exercises check out: 
Have fun!

Cardio Challenge Check In: I was short on my miles for the week due to an unexpected rest day yesterday. It was supposed to be my long day. I only got in 10.5 miles this week, but I am still on track to hit my goal for the Intermediate level Cardio Running Challenge. I am at 22.5 miles of running from January 1-11th. The miles that I got in were also high quality runs that included hills, mile repeats, and intervals. 
Today Jesse and I braved the cold and got in a 7.5 mile run outside with our favorite running guru, Shep. I am already on track to get in some great miles and hit goal this week. After the -20 to -30 degree wind chill temperatures we had last week, having a day in the low 30s felt almost balmy. 🙂

Complete 8-15 reps per exercise. 30 second plank between exercises. 
Repeat 1-3X. 

1. 90 Degree Dumbbell Curls
2. Forearm Plank
3. Dumbbell Press
4. Forearm Plank
5. Supine Dumbbell Extension
6. Forearm Plank
7 Tricep Extension
8. Forearm Plank
9. Alternating Deltoid Raise
10. Forearm Plank
11. Bent Over Row
12. Forearm Plank
13. Deadlift
14. Forearm Plank
15. Dips

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