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30 Day Challenge: Day 21: Low Impact Lower Body Workout

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Hi Everyone!

This is Day 21 of the 30 Day Workout Challenge. This is a low impact lower body workout. Don’t let the lack of plyometrics fool you this is still a challenging workout. 🙂

One round takes 15 minutes, and it can be repeated up to 4 times. Remember, the lower body houses some of the largest muscles in your body. Strengthening these muscles gives you power, and increases your metabolic rate. More muscle=higher calorie burn during exercise and at rest. Also muscle is what gives your body shape. Increasing muscle to your glutes and hamstrings is one of the best methods of decreasing cellulite and dimpling. 

Enjoy the workout! 

10/50 Intervals: 10 Seconds of Rest, 50 Seconds Max Reps
Repeat 1-4X

1. Leg Lift (right)
2. Leg Lift (left)
3. Hip Press (right)
4. Hip Press (left)
5. Leg Series (right)
6. Leg Series (left)
7. Plank Step Out (right)
8. Plank Step Out (left)
9. Lunge Reach (right)
10. Lunge Reach (left)
11. Step Up (right)
12. Step Up (left)
13. Plie Heel Lift
14. Chair Pose
15. Goddess Pose

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