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30 Day Challenge: Day 11: 15 Minute Arm Flab-u-less Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today is Day 11 of the 30 Day Challenge. Today’s workout is focused on the arms, but utilizes compound exercises to maximize the lean muscle building and fat burning. Compound exercises (exercises that require you to use multiple joints and muscles at one time) have a significantly higher calorie burn both during and after your workout.

I repeated this workout twice. I felt ready for another round, but time didn’t allow for me to go through it a third time. 🙂 

I am feeling so much better since starting this challenge. My energy, mood, and endurance have all improved. I am also starting to notice results physically. Keep checking in on facebook, instagram, and twitter. I love having you all complete this challenge with me!

I hope you enjoy the workout! See you tomorrow for day 12!

30 Seconds Cardio, 50 Seconds Max Reps

1. Lunge and Curl (right)
2. Lunge and Curl (left)
3. Chair Pose Tricep Extension
4. Bent Over Row with Kickback (right)
5. Bent Over Row with Kickback (left)
6. Reverse Lunge Fly 
7. Plank Down Dog Drag
8. Weighted Sit-up
9. Weighted Side Plank
10. Weighted Side Plank
11. Romanian Dead Lift

Lunge and Curl
Reverse Lunge Fly
Weighted Side Plank
Row with Kick Back

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