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How to Use a Foam Roller to Decrease Post Workout Soreness

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Hi Everyone!

In this video I demonstrate how to use a foam roller to decrease pain in your shins, hamstring, calves, quads and shoulders. 

Foam rolling is a great way to give yourself a deep tissue massage. Foam rolling can breakdown scar tissue and adhesion’s that build up within your muscles, increasing blood flow and improving muscle flexibility. Foam rolling immediately after a workout, and following it up with static stretching can help prevent the build-up of scar tissue in your body. 

Improving your blood flow does more than speed up the healing process, it also increases your bodies abilities to provide oxygen and nutrients to your body. It helps prevent shortening of muscles which can lead to bio-mechanical issues and repetitive strain injuries.  

This simple tool can improve the speed at which you heal, and help prevent injury, and you can reap the benefits with as little as 5-10 minutes of foam rolling. 

The first time you try it it might feel painful. Try to pause on areas that feel tight. These are the areas that need your attention most. 

The benefits of taking care of your body are plentiful, so take a little time for yourself and foam roll. 🙂


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