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Stretching for Runners: IT Band, Shin Splints, Hip Flexors & Back

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1. Side Plank Hip Stretch (right)
2. Side Plank Hip Stretch (left)
3. Pigeon (right)
4. Pigeon (left)
5. 1 Leg Forward Fold (right)
6. 1 Leg Forward Fold (left)
7. Down Dog
8. King Arthur Pose (right)
9. King Arthur Pose (left)
10. Hip Opener
11. Runners Lunge (flexed to extended knee) (right)
12. Runners Lunge (left)
13. Back Stretch
14. Back Twist (right)
15. Back Twist (left)

Hi Everyone,

This is a yoga based stretching video for the lower body and low back. I created this stretch series to target areas that become tight with running and repetitive movements. It’s important to keep your muscles limber to prevent injury and speed recovery. 

With running, or any repetitive exercise movements, imbalances can occur in the body. When this happen your alignment is impacted (often in the form of an anterior or posterior pelvic tilt). This change in alignment can cause increased pressure on the knees and joints. 

There is a rumor out there that running will damage your knees and joints. This is not true. Running strengthens your bones and joints. However, if you are running with improper bio-mechanics and alignment you are repetitively using your joints and muscles incorrectly, and over time this can cause damage. 
Stretching, along with strengthening the antagonist muscle pairs can help prevent injury and keep you strong and safe. 

I had a tough workout planned for tonight, but the arch of my foot is feeling tender. I am taking tonight off to let it rest, and keep it from becoming an injury. I shared the Love HIIT: 10 Minute Dumbbell Workout on my facebook page today. It’s a good one! If you are looking for a challenging workout to try, check it out. 

See you tomorrow with a new workout!

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