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Got Sweat? Full Body Fat Burning Body Weight Workout

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Hi Everyone!

This was my workout last night. The video and breakdown are below. I am getting this posted later than normal because my sister’s cat is missing. 🙁 I tried to help her find him, but so far we haven’t had any luck. 

This workout was intense. It took me 23 minutes, and I was struggling at the end. I pushed through and completed the workout. 🙂 I felt fantastic afterward. 

I hope you all enjoy this workout. It’s a major fat burner, with plenty of body sculpting moves. You should feel it everywhere!


Beginner: 10 reps, 2 Burpees between exercises
Intermediate: 15 reps, 3 Burpees
Advanced: 20 reps, 5 Burpees
*High Knees or Cardio of Choice can be substituted for Burpees

1. Walking Push Ups
2. Warrior Reach (right)
3. Warrior Reach (left)
4. Side Lunge Lift (alternating)
5. Frog Hop
6. Reverse Plank Step Out (right)
7. Reverse Plank Step Out (left)
8. Leg Lift Arm Pulse
9. Single Leg Boat Pulse (right)
10. Single Leg Boat Pulse (left)

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