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10 Total Toning Moves: Home Workout (No Equipment)

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Hi Everyone!

This was my workout last night. This workout utilizes 10 Total Toning Moves. It’s a full body workout with no equipment required. This workout combines a series of movements designed to challenge and work your muscles from a variety of angles. 

I incorporated movements to help stabilize the hips and core. Strengthening these areas provides increased postural support and stability, which will assist you in maintaining good form during all workouts. 

I went through this workout twice, and followed it with a 2.75 mile easy run. I kept the pace light and comfortable the entire time. 

I am planning a new yoga workout for tonight so be sure to check back!

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

Repeat 1-3X

1. Knee Drop Plank
2. Heel Tap Abs
3. Walking Pushups
4. Runners Lunge Reach
5. Goddess Pulse
6. Oblique Crunch (right)
7. Oblique Crunch (left)
8. Cheek to Cheek Plank
9. Folded Leg Lift (right)
10. Folded Leg Lift (left)

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