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4 Weeks Until NPC Bikini Competition Day: Bikini Body Workout Program Month 3

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Hi Everyone,

The list of my workouts for the last 4 weeks of my NPC bikini competition prep is below.   You don’t have to be stepping onto a stage to want a bikini ready body. Summer’s on it’s way! Whatever your goals and motivations this is 4 weeks worth of toning and sculpting workouts. 

Every single workout I did to get in shape for this competition is here. I prepped 100% at home. It can be done! 😀

Enjoy the workouts! If you are trying out my workouts feel free to share your before and after pictures with me on my facebook page:

PS If you are looking for a 12 week program start with Month 1. For 8 weeks start with Month 2. 
Month 1 Workouts
Month 2 Workouts

Week 1:
Quick Fit Cardio

Tight Booty Toned Abs and 5.5 Mile Run (47 Minutes of Cardio)

Bikini Ready Arms and Abs

Trial By Burpee Boot Camp

Ultimate Body Weight Workout

Week 2:

Building Up to a Pull-Up 

Static/Dynamic Body Sculpt and 3.5 Mile Run

Bubble Butt Cardio Burn and Mile Repeats (3 miles total, explained in the blog post)

Yoga Arm Balance: Bakasana, Crane/Crow Pose How To

Bender Boot Camp

Week 3:

Stronger Core and More

Full Body Sweat and 30 Minutes of Cardio

Shape and Burn Workout

Tight Tummy at 30

Trial By Burpee Boot Camp

Week 4:

Long Run (45-60 Minutes)

Quick Booty Workout

Fit at Home Workout

Bender Boot Camp

Fit to Sweat Workout and NPC Competition Results

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