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Building Up to a Pull-up/Increasing My Pull-Up Reps

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Hi Everyone!

There will be a new workout tonight. In the meantime I wanted to share with you my pull-up routine. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to increase the number of pull-ups I can do consecutively. 

The video explains my routine, and also shows how you can build up to a pull-up. 

I accidentally deleted my first version of this video, so I immediately had to re-film. My arms were a bit tired for the second time through, but it was a nice challenge. 

You can also use an assisted pull-up machine at the gym, have a friend boost your legs, or place one foot on a chair to give yourself some additional support as you gain the strength necessary to do pull-ups. 

For years I thought it was impossible for me to do a pull-up. From the time I turned 12 until just a few years ago I would hang from the bar writhing, and struggling to pull myself up to no avail. With effort and training you can do it! Being able to lift your own body weight is an important and functional skill. Just think of all the action movies where people find themselves hanging on the edges of cliffs or buildings. Hopefully you won’t find yourself in that position, but if you do you want to be able to pull yourself up! 😉 

Have a great day! See you tonight with a new workout!

PS Pull-ups are also great for ab development!

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