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Full Body Toning: Shape and Sculpt Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Tonight’s workout is tough! I went through it one time, and followed it with 30 minutes walking intervals on the treadmill. It can be repeated up to 3X, and this is definitely one I will be re-doing in the future. 

If I had gotten my workout done earlier I would have gone through this 2X, but I am a firm believer in the importance of sleep to your overall health and fitness. I get up very early, so that means I have an early bedtime. 

I hope you guys enjoyed a glimpse into my eating habits with my Abs Are Made in the Kitchen: Meal Prep post, and my Seafood Stew Recipe

I had a great lunch with the food I prepped yesterday, and my dinner was fish with a side of the butternut squash I cooked yesterday. Eating healthy is so much easier when you’re prepared!

I hope you enjoy the workout, and have a great night!

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

1. Triple Jump Burpee
2. Triple Tap Lunge (alternating)
3. 3-Part Abs
4. 3 Way Frogger
5. Temple Tap Aductions
6. Superman Twist
7. Plank Jacks
8. Knee Tap Plank
9. Jump Kick (right)
10. Jump Kick (left)

Repeat 1-3X

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