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Body Definition Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Tonight’s workout video, and breakdown are posted below. This is a fun workout. I actually might repeat this one 1-2 times tomorrow morning, just because I thought it was fun. 

This is a full body workout with an emphasis on glutes and abs. I have been seeing “Summer bodies are made in the Winter” a lot lately, and it’s true. Staying healthy should be a year long commitment, not just a seasonal hobby.

I know when I exercise consistently my entire quality of life improves. I feel more positive and happy, and like I can handle anything that comes my way. Don’t let the winter blues get you! Try working out and see if it helps. You may be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

Enjoy the workout!

All Levels: 10 reps, repeat 2-5X
Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

1. Frogger Pushup
2. Side Crunch (right)
3. Side Crunch (elft)
4. Prone Heel press
5. Twisted Mountain Climber
6. Single Leg Stand & Press (right)(split reps between right and left)
    Single Leg Stand & Press (left)
7. Quadruped Leg Lift (right)
8. Quadruped Leg Lift (left)
9. Frog Hopper
10. Surfer

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