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Shape Your Body Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout was a tough one for me. I wasn’t expecting it. I felt great, and ready to work out, but as soon as I started I realized how tired my body was. On the bent over rows I was lifting the bar to high. If you are trying that exercise, you should be lifting the bar to your upper abs. 

I also did a two mile recovery run with one of the girls from the cross country team. A recovery run is a short run done at an easy pace. The goal is to get your blood flowing, work out any soreness and lactic acid build up in your body. 

I hope you guys enjoy the workout. I apologize for having an “off” night. 


Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

*These exercises can be done with weights, or body weight.
Repeat 1-3X

1. Bulgarian Split Squat (right)
2. Bulgarian Split Squat (left)
3. Bent Over Row (lift to upper abs, not chest!)
4. Warrior Deadlift (right)
5. Warrior Deadlift (left)
6. Good Morning
7. Heel Tap Prone
8. Walking Pushups
9. Dolphin Pose/Plank 
10. Weighted V-Up

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