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Yoga Body Burn: Melissa Bender Workout

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Hi Everyone,

Tonight I did a yoga workout, as you will see in the video below. I intended on doing a much longer yoga flow, and sharing it with everyone. However, my camera battery decided to give up! So, it’s a short yoga flow, but hopefully you will enjoy it anyway. It still manages to target your entire body in only 16 minutes. It will work your entire body. If you feel like it wasn’t a hard enough workout, feel free to double up! 

I lose my balance a few times in the workout. I make sure I leave moments like that in my videos because these are my actual workouts. I don’t do them because they are easy. I do them to challenge myself and so I can get better. I want to grow into a stronger, more balanced, and healthier person. 

I hope you enjoy the yoga flow. 🙂 Don’t forget to try out the eggplant recipe I posted earlier. I am going to try out a crockpot version of pumpkin steel cut oats. If it turns out well I will share the recipe. 🙂 

See you tomorrow!

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