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Sculpt Your Body Home Workout

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Hi Everyone,

This was my workout today. In addition to this workout I walked 3 miles at our local mile track. It was a beautiful, sunny 80 degree day. I took my workout outside, and I loved every second of it! I am hoping for some great weather this week because I want to start doing a lot more running. 

Last summer I was putting in a lot of weekly mileage, and I would like to build back up to that again. I want to start doing some more races. 

I was planning on doing a workout yesterday. I went to see two plays, and I wasn’t feeling well in the evening so I took the night off. Tomorrow I am planning another full body workout and some serious cardio. 

I baked 2.5 pounds of chicken breast so that I will have something quick and easy to use in lunches or dinners during the week. I also made a batch of fat free triple berry muffins. When I get home from work I am always ravenously hungry, so I want to have some healthy options on hand. My plan is to pre-make some chicken spinach salads so I have something quick and healthy to grab. I ate up all of my Easter candy, so it’s time to focus on healthy eating again!

Don’t forget to warm-up, and stretch after your workout. 🙂

Enjoy the workout!

My reps are listed in parenthesis next to each exercise. I was going for maximum number of reps during each 60 second interval, with minimal breaks in between, unless otherwise noted. 

Warm-up: Jump Rope (5-10 Minutes)

20 Burpees (not timed) 

1. Jump Rope
2. Squat with Weight (32)
3. Rotating Pushups (13)
4. Oblique Drop Left (25)
5. Oblique Drop Right (27)
6. 3 Point Situps (10)
7. Heel Lift Right (67)
8. Heel Lift Left (75)
9. Leg Lift/V-Up (46)
10. Hip Lift (46)
11. Hip Twist (120, 60 if you count right and left together as 1 rep)
12. Ab Hold with Arm Pulse

20 Walking Lunges with Lift Off

Cardio: 3 Mile Speed Walk Outside

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