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Quick and Sweaty Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

I started off my workout today with a 3.5 mile run outside. It was 80 degrees, which is just a heavenly temperature. I had to get out and run. Today’s run was actually pretty rough on me! Normally this is a nice comfortable loop, but I really felt it today, and it took about a minute longer than it normally takes me to finish the run. My legs felt tight and tired, and that doesn’t normally happen when I run. 

I switched up the workout that I had planned. It’s still a great challenge, but I wanted to incorporate more movements that involve stretching, and going through a more complete range of motion. Keeping your muscles flexible is incredibly important to your health. It helps prevent injury, and let’s your body function much better. 

So here’s the workout! Have a great night. I’ll be working out again tomorrow. 


Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

1. Mountain Pose to Flat Back
2. Warrior 1 (right)
3. Warrior 1 (left)
4. Up/Down Dog (Dive Bombers)
5. Scissor
6. Leg Circle Bridge (right)
7. Leg Circle Bridge (left)
8. Side Plank Drop (left)
9. Side Plank Drop (right)
10. Chair Pose with Heel Lifts

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