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Thanksgiving Burpee Challenge/Ab workout

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I hope you didn’t think I was going to skimp on my workout just because it’s a holiday!

I did a bit of a workout mash-up tonight. I started out with a Burpee challenge. I wanted to see how quickly I could do 60 Burpees. After that I did an ab workout on my dip station. Jesse wasn’t home so I didn’t film it, but I will be sure to share it with you guys this week. A great alternative would be to do the 10 Minute Ab Workout video. I finished my workout with two full sun salutations.

I will be back with a new video for you tomorrow. Have a great night.


Here is the Sun Salutation Video:

Part 1: The workout starts with doing 60 Burpees. You don’t have to do them all at once. I did three sets of 20, with short breaks in between. You can split up your reps however you want to complete them. (I did my first 20 in 2 minutes 15 seconds, second 20 2:04, third 20 2:27).

Part 2:

Next do the 10 minute ab workout.

Part 3:

Do two full sun salutations to stretch and strengthen your entire body.

You’re done! Have a great night. 🙂

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