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Seated Office Yoga to Sustain Health

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Hi Everyone,
The video I am sharing today is a seated yoga routine that is great to use at the office. I created this video for a project at school, because it is something people from any walk of life can benefit from. My group’s project was called “Fit to Engage in Occupation.” What this means is staying fit throughout your life so you can continue to do all the things you want and need to do. Yoga and exercise are two great preventative tools. They prevent you from getting a lot of injuries and illnesses that result from unhealthy lifestyles.
If you’ve already suffered health problems it’s even more important to take steps to improve your health.
This routine is great for your back, neck and shoulders. It will help your posture, alignment, blood flow, and even assist in preventing tension headaches. It is a great tool to help relieve back pain. Enjoy, and remember, there is a lot more to fitness than just exercise. The healthy choices you make throughout your day, whether they be nutrition, using good body mechanics, or taking time to de-stress will all help create the healthy lifestyle we are seeking.
Good luck,

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