30 Minute Total Home Body Workout & Fat Burn: No Equipment Exercises

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Hi Everyone!

It’s workout time! I am excited to bring you guys a brand new workout. For the month of October we are going to be doing a new workout challenge.

My goal is to combine three new workouts per week, with two throwback workouts. So we are aiming for 5-6 workout days each week for the entire month. Of course, you can adjust your schedule to fit your lifestyle, goals and needs.

I have faced a lot of new challenges to my fitness goals over the past year. Having my son changed my life in so many ways. Most of the changes were amazing, but it certainly made my workout routines more difficult. I am going to try and share more of my journey, including the difficulties and the high points.

My challenge to myself is to do each and every one of the workouts that I share on the schedule for this week.

Getting Stronger. Practicing single leg push-ups.

This is workout #1 for the week. Let me know how you do. Use the hashtags #BenderFitness and #BFFitFall on social media.

Leave me a comment: Let me know if the format helped you follow along more easily. I know that a lot of people use my workouts because they are quick, can be repeated, and are easy to fit into your day. The inclusion of the warm-up and cool down increase the video length. I’m interested to see if you find it useful, prefer having just the workout and doing your own warm-up and cool down, or would like to have options for both styles.

Have fun with today’s workout! I love seeing your check-in posts and comments! Let me know how you feel and what you thought of the exercises.


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Don’t forget to include a Warm-Up and Cool Down.


  1. High Knees March
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Slow Mountain Climbers
  4. Ropeless Jumping
  5. High Knees

Workout: *30-Seconds of Cardio Before Each Exercise

  1. Up/Down Dog
  2. Down Dog Press-Right
  3. Down Dog Press-Left
  4. Goddess Squat Heel Pulse
  5. Warrior III-Floor Tap
  6. Warrior III-Floor Tap
  7. Side Plank Reach-Right
  8. Side Plank Reach-Left
  9. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  10. Spiderman Plank

Cool Down:

  1. March in Place
  2. Side Angle Stretch-Right
  3. Reverse/Peaceful Warrior-Right
  4. Side Angle Stretch-Left
  5. Reverse/Peaceful Warrior-Left
  6. Forward Fold
  7. Standing Back Bend

High Knees March

Jumping Jacks

Slow Mountain Climbers

Ropeless Jumping

High Knees

Up/Down Dog: Part 1

Up/Down Dog: Part 2

Down Dog Press: Part 1

Down Dog Press: Part 2

Down Dog Press: Part 1

Down Dog Press: Part 2

Goddess Pose Heel Press: Part 1

Goddess Pose Heel Press: Part 2

Side Plank Reach: Part 1

Side Plank Reach: Part 2

Warrior III Tap: Part 1

Warrior III Tap: Part 2

Reverse Plank Leg Lift: Part 1

Reverse Plank Leg Lift: Part 2

Spiderman Plank: Part 1

Spiderman Plank: Part 2

March in Place

Side Angle Stretch

Reverse/Peaceful Warrior

Side Angle Stretch

Reverse Warrior

Forward Fold

Standing Backbend Stretch


31 thoughts on “30 Minute Total Home Body Workout & Fat Burn: No Equipment Exercises

  1. Leah

    Thank you for the new workout! Loved the stretch afterwards as well as the demo during cardio. Pre-warm-up not as necessary for me as i usually pair your workouts with a run or the elliptical. Thank you for providing quality workouts!! I look forward to them each day.

  2. Estelle

    Hi Melissa,
    I like very much your new workout.
    It’s really helpful to see you doing the next exercise.
    I appreciate a lot the warm up and the cool down and for me it’s the most important.
    But maybe, it’s not easy and pleasant for you to stop sooner your cardio and show us the next exercise?
    it has to be pleasant for both 🙂
    Doing the warm up and the cool down with you are the essential for me.
    Thank you for all your efforts to help and encouraged everyone.
    Have a very nice day full of love 🙂

  3. Mo

    Started the October challenge off right, with your workout today! I like that you added the warm-up and cool-down into the video. Thank you for always supplying us with new workouts! I really appreciate you taking the time to provide us with all this awesome content.

  4. Shawna

    I like the new format. I think when you are showing the next move, I am less focused on being fatigued! I also do not waste time trying to get the moves correct, because I have already watched you demonstrate it. Thank you!! I have been working out with you for years but had recently slacked off due to life. I am ready to be consistent again!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks melissa! I really enjoyed this workout this morning and feel my core stronger for it. I have recently discovered that I have diastisis recti and have been struggling to feel
    Engagement in my core for the past 9 months post oartum!! Hopefully now that I know the issue I can work towards healing the problem.

  6. Dr. Boglarka Dallos

    It was fantastic Melissa, thank you for the complete workout, i would like to do the same workout in the month. 🙂

  7. Tara G

    I enjoyed it. I liked being walked through a warm-up and cool down, that’s very helpful. I tend to get in a rut with my routine warm-ups and downs. It is also nice to have something different every once in a while from you even if you don’t stick with it, especially for us who’ve been working out with you for a while.

  8. Sigourney

    Hey Melissa. Great workout. I love toe warmup and cool-down included, it forces me to actually do them haha. I also love ge demonstration ahead of time. I often don’t take the 10 sec rest to make up for time lost watching to ensure proper form. Thanks so much for everything! I have seen my body transform drastically over the past two years while doing your workouts.

  9. Julia

    I loved the new workout, especially the demonstration part during the cardio bursts! Usually after a cardio part I stop and watch you demonstrate the next exercise, so it’s a lot of stop and go. This time it was continuous and much more effective!
    In general, I like warm ups and cool downs in your videos as I tend to skip them. But only if it is on top of the workout time and not instead 🙂
    Since I hate repetition and doing the same video twice in a row, I would love for more longer (30 to 45 minutes) active workouts, provided it is possible for you.

    I love your videos and I am so excited for the October challenge!
    Greetings from Germany

  10. Chelsey

    Were you able to get a new camera?
    The quality of the videos seems to be much better!
    Also, I like the editing additions to the videos. It is nice to see the next exercise before we begin.

  11. Christine

    Love everything about the workout! The warm up and cool downs are great! Sometimes we can be in a rush and skip a very important part of exercise!
    Thank you to you and Jesse for your time!,

  12. Lindsey Christopher

    I love the warm up and cool down built in! I usually do one of your other warm ups when the workout is separate, so this just makes it easier.

  13. Christin

    I like doing the cool down with stretching. It’s something I don’t do enough of. The demos during cardio were tough to follow bc I alter up my cardio options and am not always watching the screen. I’m also usually moving beforehand so do not need the warmup. I would prefer more intervals instead. I’m so excited you are back sharing new workouts!!

  14. Crystal

    I love the warm up and cool down being included in, I was always at a loss for what to do there. The preview of the next exercise I could do without – but I have no doubt I would get used to it after a few more sessions.

  15. Erin

    Thanks for another great workout! I do all the workouts you post, new, old, doesn’t matter! I don’t need you to show me the move beforehand because I have been doing your workouts for so long but I can see that new folks might find it useful:) Your room looks really nice too!!

  16. Katrina

    I loved that you added warm up/cool down. Those parts are so easy for me to excuse when I realize the workout doesn’t include them. Also appreciated the demonstration of the next move. It doesn’t add extra time to the workout as it does when demonstrated after the cardio burst. And it helps me not focus on how tired I am! It felt more complete all in all. Thank you so much! Have been working out with you for 3 years now!

  17. Dana

    I like the new format. I’ve been doing your workouts for years now so thanks you for all the awesome content! For the cool down, I felt like one minute per stretch was kind of on the long side, especially after having my heart rate revved up – maybe 40 sec each or something? Or it could be my attention span was wonky because of the coffee I had before working out, haha!

  18. Marcie Cates Moore

    I love this format which includes the warm up, and you stopping the cardio to show the next exercises. I really like the cool down stretches as well. (seemed like it was strengthening combined w/ stretching since you held them so long–which is good too!) I like the 30 minutes total time too!
    Thanks, Melissa!

  19. Trevor

    I love this new format! I am a busy mom of 3 (6, 5 and 4 months) and I am finding it hard to keep up with my previous lengthy workouts. I love that these are quick and include all aspects of a workout, including a warmup and cool down. I’m more likely to do it when it’s all right in front of me and I don’t have to think about anything. Thank you! You are awesome! xo

  20. I loved this new format! Just trying to get back into the swing of things. I am a teacher and I need exercise. It has been very difficult to get cardio in during my work week. I am making a better effort to get a workout in every night this week!. Thanks!

  21. susan hauk

    Hi Melissa, I used to go to bootcamp, and I have to say this was an amazing 30 minute workout finished and I was sweating, thank you.

  22. Kayli

    I liked the warm/cool down being intergrated with the workout. Having you show the move during the cardio was great, I felt like I didn’t lose time during the exercise itself. You guys are great!

  23. This was a repeat workout for me. I enjoy this format for I like to see what is next for I can’t always get the positions correct and I want correct form plus I want to get in a complete workout. I am struggling to get a workout in during the weekday and my body is showing the side effects. I love the 30 minute workouts best with warm up-workout-cool down!

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